Our Mission

Digital construction for everyone

Our story

Baid Group was established in 2020 when new technologies particularly rapidly transformed the real estate sector and opened it up to emerging opportunities. The popularization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology has become a key factor at the beginning of our history. It is the intelligent acquisition of data from digital BIM models that enabled an in-depth analysis of the investment. We gave this analysis a completely new dimension and created products for efficient management of information about buildings.

Our mission is to popularize the idea of data-driven design and the wide sharing of digital construction tools. In our products we use cloud technologies, so they are available from anywhere in the world.

Baid Group wants to be an innovation initiator and drive the digital transformation in the construction industry. Our technology enables constant access to analysis and visualization of buildings data, which allows everyone involved in the processes to operate smarter and more efficiently. Having the necessary information already at the planning stage, minimizing risk, or saving time and money are just a few of the vast benefits we offer. We strive, above all, to build better and more comfortable cities.

Let's build the future together!

Baid Team