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Implementations and management

BIM implementation and management

Efficient management of teams working in Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology is the key to the success of construction ... Read more

BIM modeling

BIM Modeling

Preparation of the BIM model

We offer preparation of BIM models under the client's requirements (EIR) and the BIM implementation plan (BEP). We develop strategies for using the model in the design phase, at the construction site, and during the maintenance phase of the finished building.

Elimination of errors

Error elimination

We perform comprehensive analyzes in the design phase, which guarantees minimization of errors on the construction site and allows you to avoid unnecessary costs. Reliable analyzes of multi-discipline models enable effective detection of collisions at the early stages of building design.

Proper tools

Selection of appropriate tools

When working with BIM models, we use our constantly developing programming tools. We strive to provide the highest quality models and offer services tailored to each customer's needs.

Consulting and training

Consulting and training

Baid Group works with the latest technologies available on the market. Our training sessions are directed to professionals in the ... Read more

  • the use of models in various investment phases
  • information management using BIM
  • preparation of collision reports
  • model quality assessment
  • preparation of the investment schedule
  • training in the use of tools
Architectural design

Architectural design

We offer comprehensive services in the field of architectural, urban, and interior design - in all phases of projects. We have extensive ... Read more

Why choose Baid?

Cost optimization

A good innovation implementation plan and effective management of the teams involved are crucial to success. Cooperation with Baid Group guarantees efficient implementation and maximization of savings.

Experience and knowledge

Baid Group team is built of experts, who have gained experience in large construction and IT projects. The highest quality of our services results from an innovative approach to each challenge.

Data-based decisions

Every construction investment is a series of decision-making processes that affect the final financial result. With Baid Group, you get comprehensive data analytics to make more confident decisions.

Use of new technologies

We use the latest technologies on the market and supplement them with our IT tools, tailored to the market's needs. This allows us to provide services of incomparable quality, concerning industry standards.